Who We Are

At aumeduworld education , we are passionate about making dreams of global education into a reality. As a leading study consultancy, we’ve dedicated ourselves to provide comprehensive guidance and support to the students aspiring to broaden their horizons through national and  international education.


1. To provide, conduct, manage, run professional trainings, workshops, skill development and consultancy services, corporate training, business development, branding and management consultancy services globally for educational institutions of all categories, corporates, government bodies and all other organizations in India or abroad.

2. To impart, provide, manage, run conduct educational, consulting programmes related to various education and career opportunities of all categories, teaching, online or offline training, counselling, admission services, vocational education and training, academic knowledge and practical skills, career insights, career and technical education, apprenticeships, internships, career development programmes, teaching, practical activities, vocational courses, teaching procedural knowledge, education consultancy, human resource development and consultancy, placement services, public relations development in India or abroad.

3. To carry on the business to own, establish, acquire, run, operate, manage, maintain, develop, promote, administer, advertise, either on its own or through franchisee fully equipped educational institutes, diploma, certification courses, promote and disseminate knowledge, create awareness and provide a common forum of interaction amongst students, academicians, professionals and government agencies, establish effective co-ordination, to organise training courses and special programmes to impart training, education in all disciplines, online, distinct, correspondence courses, coaching classes for any stream, any level, any profession, courses for all, any certified or recognised courses also to provide consultancy relating thereto, and to assist the promotion and advancement of employment, productivity, skill, knowledge, trade, commerce, art, science, technology or whatsoever in India or abroad.

4. To publish, manufacture, develop, sell, purchase, deal, trade in all types of tools, books, education related materials, equipments, systems, tools, devices, technology, techniques, methods, conduct research and development, analysis, provide training, consultancy, advisory services in the aforementioned fields in India or abroad.